Product Installation Flow

Download and installation flow of a product in less than 5 clicks.

Role: team lead of 5 designers
What: GUI interface and end-to-end user experience
When: Feb 2017

Following the success of DSX on the cloud, we worked to put DSX on our customers' machines, where they can experience the power of DSX also when they are off-line. The user experience is consistent with what we defined for the cloud.


The entire Analytic team was under pressure to deliver to clients, behind their firewall, as many offerings as possible, in 1 quarter.


  • Part of the team and I flew to Toronto to meet face-to-face with our engineers, to understand the technical requirements, and validate our design
  • Bi-weekly Design-Development sync to ensure quality and to meet a tight roadmap 
  • Structured file system to organize and share files, capture feedbacks, and work productively despite timezone differences 
  • Clarity on communication: prototypes made from a very early stage, to share desired interactions across teams and to guarantee the best user experience possible
  • Weekly reports directly to the Design Director and to the GM, in order to track status and possible blockers or questions

Design Challenges

  • Create a repeatable experience that could easily scale to cover multiple offerings

  • Seamless UX: hide the technical complexity to the end user

  • Reduce the steps of the process: as per requirement, the entire installation had to be done in 5 steps


  • The team exceed expectations and has been rewarded internally with a "team-award" and a personal "Star award".
  • Downloads of the core products for Q1 tripled in a quarter
  • Thanks to the design styleguide we created, 5 offerings have adopted the simplified download experience and 3 new products are implementing the same experience, without further design support 

User feedback

You guys are differentiating by design. - IBM customer (major bank) that choose IBM offerings against the competition