Design Lead for IBM Hybrid Cloud in the San Francisco Design Studio, I'm currently leading a team of 5-10 designers, working on bringing IBM products to clients and on improving their Learn-Try-Buy experience.
Previously Design Lead for IBM Data Science Experience (, I led a team of 6 designers in a 250-person team across 8 time zones; 10,000 new users in 6 months from the launch. I'm also actively involved in the hiring process, and in mentorship of designers.

My background includes 2+ years as UX design consultant and owner of a Design Studio; 6+ years as researcher and academic lecturer in EU and extra-EU Universities; and 6+ years of experiences as Product Designer.

As designer I always ground my projects on the users understanding and I believe that answering to people’s needs is the key to obtain innovative and sustainable projects.
I’m looking forward to working in multi-disciplinary teams and to creating innovative design products.

I like to describe myself as a 'T-shaped person', feel free to drop a line and see it by yourself!