Concept Development - UXplore

UX Designers have tons of ideas and information to collect and always look for suggestions and inspiration. UXplore is the app that inspires and help them to organize the initial phases of a new project.    

UXplore is a passion project for an iOS app that, together with my design mentor, we have designed in 2014. 
The concept has been fully developed and tested.

What: Concept, Research, Wireframes, Visual Design, User Test
How: Axure, Sketch App, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Docs
When: 2014/15

The key user requirements are:

  • Elevate inspiration found in designer projects and in the initial phase of the job (e.g. concept definition, creation of personas, scenarios, user tasks, …)
  • Allow for workload balancing according to its characteristics (e.g. type of project, cost and time limitations, final deliverables,...)

These same principles that apply to UX Designers could be expanded to other verticals.

User stories (Google docs)

User stories (Google docs)

User flows (Sketches)

Research & Concept Generation

UXPLORE was a passion project for be as I personally love sketching and I have entire scrapbooks full of notes.
Because I was lucky enough to draw on my own experience and frustrations on this project, after the definition of the user stories I’ve decided to start sketching on a paper the user flows. 

Thanks to the user stories and the user flows I was able:

  • to reduce the requirements of my App to a MVP
  • o break down the possible users into one category: the UX designer, with the opportunity of applying the same principles to other verticals
Paper prototype

Paper prototype

Paper Prototype

To quickly test out my research I made a paper prototype, with the use of post its to supply the transitions between the screens.

My obsession for annotations was extremely useful in the first testing phase, while the ideas were still floating around and I needed a way to prioritize them.

Collaboration with my design mentor led to rapid iterations of the product where we focused on the requirements and simplified the functionality of the app even further, to allow a better usability.

Wireframes (Axure)

Wireframes (Axure)


Wireframing with Axure helped us in:

  • clarifying positioning and hierarchy of elements,
  • organising the content,
  • point out areas that were still too complex
  • issue with the color usage as it was confusing users.

Interactive prototype

I was eager to finish the screens and create a working prototype so I end up creating something simple but that can be improved in many ways.

Interactive prototype link.

What I Have Learned

During the development of UXplore I had the opportunity of working with another UX designer who helped me to understand the value of the MVP.
We focused the efforts on few essential features, and left room for further improvements and extensions. 
Work with someone who had a huge experience with the iOS platform also helped me with the definition of wireframes and UI.
Practically speaking, I learned how to use hidden tools in Sketch App and I literally loved it!

If given more time, I would love to put more care into the branding and expand testing to other possible verticals.