Building System | Interactive Platform

This Interactive Platform is the result of my PhD in Design (July 2013).  My Doctorate thesis has been primarily focused on the interaction between people, expertise and components in the construction sector. Therefore the platform is intended as a tool to help professionals involved in the process in visualize the technical plants they're working with, and also to see with which professionals they need to cooperate in order to achieve a more sustainable result.
The systems thinking is here applied to the analysis of the building in order to reduce its resource consumption.

What: Research | Concept | Interview | Visual Design | Prototype | User testing
Software: Illustrator, Google Docs, Keynote
When: 2013   


The platform aims to improve the interactions between the professional teams involved in the building construction. The analysis of international case studies proved how an early interaction in the construction process leads to a redefinition of the design team and to more sustainable results. The thesis grounded on a cross collaboration between Universities in Italy and Sweden and departments of engineer, design and architecture.

Qualitative data has been collected, as well as quantitative numbers. Energetic and construction reports have been carefully analized and cross compared during the research phase.





The international character of the work allowed me to develop desk and field analysis, to come up with several proposals and to test them with real users through workshops, user tests and conferences.


Proposals have been tested inside and outside the University. Brainstorming with different sector specialists have been done with a monthly schedule during the three PhD years.







Open and ended questions have been used during the brainstormings. Workshops have also been ran to make the specialists more comfortable with the topic. Different creative design thinking techniques have been used.







Several sketches have been made to sum up complex data and concept in essential schemas and graphic. Those sketches have been regularly revised by specialists and precious feedbacks have then been gathered.





Continuous meeting with the stakeholders involved and with the sponsor lead to the final version of the platform.






Public Presentations

The whole thesis is structured across four main sections. The development of an interactive platform leads to the suggestion of a new awareness to analyse the building and a proposal of a new design group to include within the building construction companies. 





Those three years have been intense and even though it’s quite hard to condense them in few lines, I've described it on Medium.